My Projects:

Pano Slicer

Social Media tool to split up panoramics

Pano Slicer Screenshot

Filament Left

An easy way to calculate filament left on a spool

Filament Left App Screen Shot

Coding Log

Track how much you code!

Coding Log App Screen Shot


RC tank

tank photo

Smart Garage(Hackathon)

Hackathon project: control your garage with your phone

garage screenshot

Recipe App(Hackathon)

Easily manage all your recipes on your phone

&ref_feature=in_progress screenshot

FPV Drone

Since the beginning of 2021 I have started to take a liking for FPV. I enjoy to shoot freestyle and cinematic type videos. I maninly publish to instagram reels.

Pictire of my drone

Etsy Shop

A place where you can buy my products which supports me, enjoy 15% off(applies automatically when clicking this box)

Etsy Profile Photo